The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Once and future mage???

What happened to I'sla

we started by healing up and then Skeal threw a copper piece through the evil curtain.

The cold in the room is incredible. Prill tried tossing a rope through and he was pulled through the portal. He found himself in a different room with I’sla’s body.

Asguat used the scroll of raise dead to bing I’sla back to life. Meanwhile prill went back into the room. There is a 3 foot cube on the ground … evil. Asguat and raven port into the room with prill. The rest of the party comes in next. prill reaches into the shady cube.

A rumbly voice speaks to us and tells us to kneel before therazdoon. Prill kneels and walks away with the orb of silvery death.

We start heading to the other temple where the Orb of oblivion is.

In a subsequent room there was a trap. We tried to skirt it but, storm set the trap off. four creatures, humunoid appeared. Black plate, green robes and assassins mask , blood red hooded, indigo with robe and scepter.

Battle ensued. We quickly beat up the animated constructs and moved on.

We found a room with weapon racks. We could here sounds down the hallway. I’sla roasted the guards with a fireball and the two survivors were easily fniished off.

We next encountered an ornate door on one side of a large room Tall black door 15×15, metal, large brown triangle carved into the door. Large mound of dirt in the middle of the room. Asgaut entered the room and approached the door. The mound of dirt turned out to be an earth elemental. We beat it up without too much trouble. Skeal’s sword drained the soul.

The door opened when Prill, carrying the orb approached it. We started across the bridge and a ghost and a spectre attacked. Unfortunately the spectre hit Raven and drained 2 levels.

We eventually beat up the two undead and exited the temple. We set up camp and used our restoration scroll to restore Ravens levels.



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