The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Fane death

Moving from the inner fane in deeper

We find ourselves in the temple of all consumption, Inner fane. The first orb is destroyed. The second orb is in the center of this fane.

We ask pendrake, the rescued paladin, to detect evil but, he didn’t detect any. Lady eliga took the boots of levitation.

Isla decided to have to discuss the talisman. He didn’t believe he had it anymore. However Asgaut discovered. that he did. Isla then tried to throw it away but it kept teleporting back to him. Asgaut tried to dispel that effect but, it didn’t work. The barbarians tried to attack it but, that was ineffective. Isla cast identify and the talisman told him he was not worthy and teleported away.

We rested and contineued on. We moved to the trap rune and Isla fireballed the nasty purple tentacles. We then found a room that was supernaturally cold. We found a set of secret levers in the room.. At the other end of the room down a hallway there was an alter to Therazdoon. eeek!

Lots of demon statures and other disturbing imagery. The alter eminated evil like a presennce. Smelled of death. bloodstains on alter. recent.

Isla decided to investigate the alter. In bear form he brushed against the alter and the room filled with demons. Unfortunately, one of the demons was a pit fiend. Battle ensued.

Isla got paralyzed with poison and then killed. Permanently….? Maybe?

We eventually beat up the demons. Where the alter was there was now a purple misty gateway that was very evil.



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