Kingdom of Orbaal orbaal.gif

Orbaal is a pre-feudal state in northeast Hârn ruled by King Alegar II from Geldeheim. The region was formerly called Jara until the Kingdom of Orbaal was proclaimed less than 40 years ago after the Ivinian conquest of the indigenous Jarin. It is a very unstable realm, where fewer than 8,000 rowdy and ungovernable Ivinians have subjugated about 65,000 rebellious Jarin.

Orbaal is really a host of semi-independent squabbling clan domains, the smaller of which owe tribute to more powerful clans who, in turn, owe it to the king in Geldeheim. Orbaalese clans are constantly squabbling and fighting among themselves. Ninety percent of the population is still Jarin, most serving as slaves and thralls (serfs) to their Ivinian masters, although a few still hold land.

This racial stratification has led to serious tensions in Orbaalese society and there have been several Jarin rebellions, which were put down only with considerable bloodshed. The landholding Jarin are a significant divisive faction, with some promoting unrest and plotting the expulsion of the hated “barbarians” from their native soil.


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