House Rules


  • no weapon specialization. Fighters have a large enough advantage in combat already.
  • no strange spell lists this time around. Spell lists will be shorter.
  • Craig (and anyone else) can play a barbarian
  • Clerics can heal from range (10" per level of the healing spell). Healing spells will get 1/2 a point bonus healing per level of the PC.
  • Changing spells of any type risks a spell fumble. No free spell changes for clerics.

Mage Spells

  • A character may know ½ intelligence rounded up spells per spell level (i.e., intelligence=17, therefore 9 spells per spell level)
  • A character must roll to know spells as per players handbook
  • A hit during casting stops spell, spell is lost
  • If hit prior to spell, caster may cast but has a (5% per point of damage taken that round) chance to fumble the spell (i.e., if you take 6 points on segment 5 and start casting on 4, then you have a 30% chance to fumble the spell provided you’re not hit again before completing it)
  • A player can wait to the end of the round to cast to avoid interruption
  • A player may switch a spell during play with a 5% per level chance of a fumble (i.e., memorized magic missiles today, but want to cast identify, then I have a 5% chance of a fumble because identify is level 1)

Healing spells

  • Range is 10ft per level of the healing spell (i.e., cure light can be applied at 10 feet and the 2nd level cure can be applied at 20 feet, Heal at 60 feet?)
  • Each healing spell enjoys 1/2 healing point per level of the caster rounded up (i.e., a cure light cast by a 5th level cleric get’s d83 vs d8 per PHB)
  • Cure Moderate wounds, 2nd level, d10+level bonus

House Rules

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