The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

In the realm of Orbaal
The beginning

Doughty cleric Asgaut Hvalman is joined by
Prill a halfling thief
Tasha elven fighter
Skeal Human barbarian
Raven blood eye human barbarian
Cyphon half elven fighter mage
i’Isla elven cleric mage
Storm nightwalker half elf ranger

We are starting in the realm Orbaal. We are near the village of Dragonstone.

We have a local friend who wants to capture his future bride. Horst has asked for our help to liberate his bride from the neighboring village. It’s tradition…

We split up 4 by land and 4 by boat.

The land group arrived in the village and after some misadventures we managed to distract the cook in th inn and make off with a cask of beer.

The second group arrived in town and Horst led them to Rebecca’s house. After a sleep spell Prill snuck in the dwelling and found the girl. Tasha picked up the girl and carted her out of the house.

Four of us went looking for a goat while the rest made off with the girl on the boat. We encountered the town guard patrol and they attacked us. We looked suspicious apparently. We knocked them all down but the captain knocked me unconscious.

The barbarians bandaged me and the grace of Siem had me up and going in no time.
We found a goat and grabbed it and headed back to home.

On the way back we fought and killed a hungry lynx.

I offered to perform the wedding ceremony for Rebecca and Horst. A fine reception with goat ale and lynx meet was had.

Later the chief Karsten tells us that sheep and other farm animals are disappearing at an alarming rate. He wanted us to investigate. foothills to the west of the village ana hour to hour and half.

We traveled to the area and investigated a scene where a sheep had been killed. We found goblin and orc tracks. We followed the goblin tracks. We found a cave by following the tacks and send in the thief.

Prill fumbled his backstab but the barbarians and the dwarf pelted him with missile weapons. Prill snuck in and found 6 more goblins in the cave.

To be continued…

Goblins and Orcs... Oh my

The remaining goblins where dispatched in short order and we settled down to rest. A bear came by to snack on a dead goblin and we killed it. although Storm lost a finger.

After finishing our rest we moved on to track the second group of foes. We tracked them to a cave. Prill killed the sentry but later fell and the enemy was alerted to our presence. A furious battle ensued. We beat up the orcs and finished them off.

We found a secred door in the cave. Prill set off the trap but managed to jump away before being crushed by the falling ceiling. We entered the next room and found a puzzle lock which took a couple of tries to solve. After opening the door we entered the next room and a short golem attacked. us. We finished it off and moved on. After another puzzle trap we encountered another golem. After beating it up I discoverd the cammand word for ‘shut down’ in gnome.

We eventually found a manequin that had:

breasplate of thick letather armor AC5 non magical raven
cloak AC + 1 non magical skeal
helm +1 wisdom -1 AC asgaut
belt +1 strength tasha
boots +1 dex prill
amulate +1 int cyphon
greaves +1 con storm
codpiece +1 charisma isla

all 6 magic items can invoke power, may raise level

1-5 raise level by two
6-90 raise level by 1
91-100 reduce by 1 level

Rowan and sol

Rowan has been dreamingn of evil doings. Now hes recruiting help to help figure the source of the evil.

We were introduced to Rowan by the chief, Jark Carsten in Dragonstone. We agree to hire on for 10g each month

Zoda the armorer is our contact. He,s the armorer.

An extra cask of ale was included in the deal.

Zuden is well to the north. Rowan has asked us to meeet Zoda there. Rowan applied a silver coating to my axe.

We began the journey we fought many zombies.

Floaty floaty

a naked flying fae creature flew by and began to flirt with Raven bloodeye. They eventuallty flew off. Now what!

We moved on to investigate the zombie barrows. There were 9 of them.

We gathered some wood. and then entered the first barrow.

Al of the opened barrows were empty. we opened the first barrow that wasn
t open and burned the bodies inside because they were desecrated.

Next barrow started a battle. the middle barrow opened and we vanquished a ghast a wight and skeleton and a zombie. in teh last barrow some ghouls attacked. The last one almost killed Asguat but we managed to dispatch it without any lasting tradgedy.

In the mean time our two female fighters searched the middle barrow and found a concealed trap door in the floor. Inside was a magic sword. When storm draws the sword a bolt a lightning is produced from Khardarfich. (hard lighting) The blade is irridescent white. two metallic chimera on the hilt.

After killing the last ghoul we found a loose stone that has a sack with 50gp and a potion inside. Prill (the petty litttle shit) asks for and receives the potion to keep it out of the clutches of the big smelly barbarians.

We spent the rest of the day purifying the burial grounds.

On the seconds watch the watchers heard the noise and investigated. There were walking stone creatures off in t he distance. Hru which are giant beasts made of stone. They are usually gentle creatures. Where could t hey be going?

game on garth
journey continues

We resumed our journey. We encountered some giant ants. cyphon managed to successfully cast a sleep spell and 7 of the critters began to snooze. Battle was joined and we beat up the rest of the ants. Several wounds were later healed by the clerics.

Cyphon recovered a pituatary gland from one of the ants. Perhaps it can be turned into a strength potion later.

Resumed journey north.

After a couple of days the 2nd watch notices something. storm sees a thief in the camp. She fired a warning shot and crys out with an alarm. A group of thieves attacked from all directions.

Several fell to sleep spells but the two barbarians froze in place due to a hold person. A burly fighter was causing heavty damage as well. Tasha took several hits and looked bad.

Isla stood up and cast a hold person which froze the 3 enemies attacking her and saved her! Well done sir…

Bastard sword, elven chain mail, wand 63gp,

Wand of conjuration 40 charges.

More Loot needed... lets get it
Continuing to zuden

We continue our march…

A couple of days pass and we encounter a more organized band of enemies.

They were wearing symbols that Tasha recognized as from the temple of elemental evil.

The enemy party proved formidable but the party steadily whittled them down

An Anti paladin proved particularly troublesome and laid the barbarian out. However, Asguat managed to crit a healing spell and brought him back to full health.

+2 Axe, +1 mace, +2 plate mail. 100gp.

Tasha liked the plate. Asgaut takes the axe. Isla takes the mace.

After the battle we continue
licking our wounds

Last time a pitched battle occurred vs 2 antipalidins and two large reptiles at the mouth of a cave.

Prill found a font of a precious gem but it was too large to steal.

After the creatures were slain there were two suits of armor and a 2h sword. long sword magical, ring +1 ring of protection.

The evil party was prevented from collecting earthroot which is a substance that we are trying to obtain for Duma the forrestal.

We set up camp and rested inside the cave.

Next morning we waited for the earthroot to appear in the font.

The two barbarians set up watch outside the cave and the rest of us went to the font room.

a large party of temple of elemental evil followers approached and the barbarians attacked. After a couple of rounds of bow attacks they fell back into the cave and alerted the rest of the party.

eventually we defeated these foes.

found 99 gp 1 bastard sword that glowed with magic. 1 shield magical.

We went back to the font and eventually the earthroot liquid began to bubble up from the font. Skeal filled a water skin but, it actually regenerated the sheep from which it was made.

The font was producing the blood of peoni essentially. each taste, once only, granted a wish. Unfortunately Tasha’s wish backfired and she exploded… EEEEK!

Raven can now polymorph 1/day into a hawk
Isla can now polymorph into a great horned owl
Raven become stronger
Storm can polymorph into an eagle
Asquat became wiser.

We returned to Duma but he was dead. However Siem was pleased with our effort. Eventually we made it to Zedun and found zudan.

In Zudeh
Moving on to the next thing

Zodeh offered to help the barbarians destroy the evil armor.

Raven struck the armor and freed an evil soul from the armor.

Outside there was a huge explosion and we rushed outside. It was raining magic items.

Isla found a robe and a book. Asguat found 29 50 gp gems. Raven found platemail, skeel found a sword of sharpness, patty found 89 gp. The robe was a robe of blending and went to our rogue.

The magic items and explosion came from a nearby keep of a mage.

We headed out to a destroyed mage tower. There were cavorting flaming devils and the barbarians engaged with missle weapons. eventually we defeated the devilish beasties adnd approached the tower.

Prill unlocked the door and moved away. Agaut tried to open the door and set of a magical trap.

after some discusson we decided that the center of the distengration of effect was on level 3. Next morning Zodeh informed us that the archmage was experimenting with an artifact some that was returned from the temple of elemental evil. some sor to fgoldern orb.

Several high level clerics were with the archmage who are missing.

Zodeh tells us that the duke wants his magic items back and we need to leave town or lose any items we can prove are ours. So we leave.

Next day we are walking through the woods and we are attacked two flying creatures. Manticores.. we killled them.

We reached a small ruined keep. The upper level appears collapsed and chared. the ground floor mostly intact.

Keeping it real
Into the keep

The party joined Asgaut in the courtyard and begain to explore. Prill looked in the front door and got blasted with blue dragon breath. After a furious battle with the dragon we took it down just as it tried to flee.

Raven and Asgaut recovered 12 dragon scales along with skeal and storm. Asgaut found a small bag of gems:

23 50gp gems.

We continued deeper into the keep.

Prill crept down the stairs and informed us that there were enemies lying in wait for us.

There were two gnolls which were quickly dispatched. A ghast approached but, fled in fear of Asguat’s divine holy symbol. Unfortunately it let out a screech.

3 more ghouls arrived but Isla called upon his divine power to turn them from us. We subsequently entered the room where the 1st ghast fled and beat it up.

In the mean time Prill explored the nearby prison cells and listened at a nearby door down the hallway. He heard gnolls ibehind the door.

eventually the gnolls grew suspician and sounded an alarm (horn). We rushed into the bunk room and attacked. These gnolls were tougher. But we still beat them up handily.

Next some wraith and other nasty undead appeared. a ghast attacked Storm and Asgaut who both succumbed to the paralyzation effect.

Luckily we beat up the wraith before it could drain any levels from anyone.

An evil cleric showed up but, turned to flee as we began to gain the upper hand vs. the foes.

We did some damage to him but he continued to flee.

Getting cold in here
continuing into the temple

We managed to catch the fleeing cleric who appeared to commit suicide. After he crumpled to the ground, the heat began to be sucked out of the room. Asgaut managed to dispell the effect including an ethereal version of the cleric that was forming.

Prill picked the door lock and began to explore beyond. He found gnolls that were sleeping. Prill suspected another passage so we searched for secret doors and Isla found one.

Prill explored the room beyond but there wasn’t much there. We then decided to attack the gnolls.

We quickly dispatched the gnolls although one of them hit raven. There were 12gp on the gnolls.

Prill opened the next two doors. the next big room was filled with enemies. Asgaut turned a ghoul and Ghast. Ant the rest of the party moved in to engage.

We managed to defeat the remaining trog and gnolls without too much trouble.

We found 12 sp.

There was a pool of water and a pit with a rope and pulley over it. Prill climbed down the rope.

The room was cool and the shaft became much colder as prill continued lower.

We found ourselves at the bottom. It was very cold. Supernaturally so.

We decided to rest before continuing.


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