The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Out of the fire... scratch that... into the fire.
Off to the fire node

We followed the pattern and entered the fire node. There was an array of enemies that were ready for us…
Red Dragon, Efreet, Marilith, two hell hounds and what turned out to be a medusa.

A furious battle ensued. Skeal engaged the medusa and covered his head to avoid the gaze. Prill manuvered into position and back stabbed the foe and took it down. The Marilith attacked Asgaut and Storm and elaida took down the dragon. The two hell hounds were quickly dispatched and the group descended on the Marilith and beat it up. Asgaut survived with some timely healing from I’sla.

Prill recovered the orb of oblivian from the gorgan. It can detect good/evil at will. discern lies. cause fear, 1/day cause insanity. It probably has other powers. Skeal felt that it emanated death at him during the fight.

Asguat negotiated with the Efreet which was subdued thanks to isla and recieved a wish that resulted in a gem that when crushed would go back in time one round.

Prill opened the next door which was huge. Prill had assumed the form of the medusa. There were fire elementals in the room plus the evil god IMIX . Prill started to wander in towards the god.

The elementals ignored him but the god noticed and started to draw his weapon. He was huge. Gargantuin.

Prill called for help telepathically and we rush in. Raven flew in and used a mace to smite the god with the wrath of sarijin. Skeal charged in and started melee with fire elementals.

IMIX moved in and smacked Prill and did heavy damage. Prill tried to use the orb to suck out the soul of IMIX but the Orb refused. uh oh…

Raven went beszerk and attacked the god did some damage. Asguat ran in to try to help Prill but, it hit him again and things looked grim for Prill. Isla zapped him with lightning. We gradually beat up the elementals and more of the party moved in to attack the demigod. Asgaut supplied a steady stream of heal spells to Prill until he got a round of respite and re-engaged with enough hit points.

Eventually, we did enough damage to get it close to death and Asgaut realized that Skeal and his sword had to kill the god. AND HE DID. Much rejoicing… we grabbed the god’s sword and left. WE SAVED the world.

The Reconstituted temple
Gems gems gems

We readied ourselves to enter the room with the elemental construct. I’sla summoned a manticore and a Rakshasha. The manticore entered the room and got beat to a pulp immediately. We rushed down the stairs.

We steadily beat up the constructs with Prill doing significant backstab damage. Asgaut fumbled and knocked himself out.

Prill searched and found the gems along with some help from the Racksasha. We beat up the last construct and recovered 3 of the gems. The fourth gem, the fire gem, appears to have been used.

In the meantime...
Loot from Aboleth

After the latest battle, the party secured the perimeter, healed up, searched the bodies, identified magic trinkets, rested, speed read ancient tomes and the private diary of DOOMDREAMER #3, researched, prayed, etc, etc, etc.

SO, when we resume, all PCs are fully healed, have recovered their spells, and realized or acquired the following:

A Ring of Fire Resistance, (6) potions of Fire Resistance (duration 1 Turn each), a +2 Mace (in Raven’s possession), (8) potions of Water Breathing (1 hour), (10) potions of Flying, a Necklace of Adaptation, (6) +3 arrows and 2 sets of mirrored goggles which look like air-tight swim googles—most of this is found neatly stacked on a large compartment in the altar.

You also find an ancient book detailing the efforts of the Cult to release Tharizdun. While some of the entries are recent, most are ancient. This plot has been ongoing for ages but it is closer to completion now than ever before. The evil IMIX, Lord of Fire, has already been summoned to the Fire Node. She Who Must be Obeyed, Princess of the Watery Depths, either has recently been or is about to be summoned to the Water Node as well. When all 4 Elemental Lords have been summoned, Harn is doomed!

Only our heroes stand between Harn and the Forces of Darkness!!!

Temple ... More temples
Moving on the the next evil temple

Isla decided to teleport to Rowan and give the evil orb to him. This took two days and the rest of us enjoyed the fare that the barbarians hunted.

We began to travel and eventually saw a stone giant. The giant was returning to its lair. The recovered temple. Prill investigated and snuck into the lair. He telepathically called us forward and we prepared to attack.

We opened the door and attacked. The stone giant was quickly beat up but, it pulled an alarm lever. The resulting horde of undead ghouls were turned by isla and asgaut. We quickly beat up the remaining two ogres and asgaut healed the damaged fighter.

We next opened the large ornate doors in the room. The next room was filled with enemies and an evil alter.

We closed the door but a giant carrying bags of rocks opened the door. We was confused for a moment but alerted his companions after we attacked.

The first giants were quickly dispatched but then tougher foes moved in. Isla cast chain lightning to good effect and the elementals that were protecting what turned out to be an aboleth separated from it and attacked. The big nasty then cast a fireball which affected all of us.

Furios battle ensued with a number of elementals, ogres and giants. We made steady progress knocking them down but, Some of the party was getting low on health but the battle continued.

Isla put up a wall of darkness but the aboleth was large enough to see over it when it moved up. Eventually we beat down the aboleth with prill getting the killing blow.

After casting healing we rested.

Once and future mage???
What happened to I'sla

we started by healing up and then Skeal threw a copper piece through the evil curtain.

The cold in the room is incredible. Prill tried tossing a rope through and he was pulled through the portal. He found himself in a different room with I’sla’s body.

Asguat used the scroll of raise dead to bing I’sla back to life. Meanwhile prill went back into the room. There is a 3 foot cube on the ground … evil. Asguat and raven port into the room with prill. The rest of the party comes in next. prill reaches into the shady cube.

A rumbly voice speaks to us and tells us to kneel before therazdoon. Prill kneels and walks away with the orb of silvery death.

We start heading to the other temple where the Orb of oblivion is.

In a subsequent room there was a trap. We tried to skirt it but, storm set the trap off. four creatures, humunoid appeared. Black plate, green robes and assassins mask , blood red hooded, indigo with robe and scepter.

Battle ensued. We quickly beat up the animated constructs and moved on.

We found a room with weapon racks. We could here sounds down the hallway. I’sla roasted the guards with a fireball and the two survivors were easily fniished off.

We next encountered an ornate door on one side of a large room Tall black door 15×15, metal, large brown triangle carved into the door. Large mound of dirt in the middle of the room. Asgaut entered the room and approached the door. The mound of dirt turned out to be an earth elemental. We beat it up without too much trouble. Skeal’s sword drained the soul.

The door opened when Prill, carrying the orb approached it. We started across the bridge and a ghost and a spectre attacked. Unfortunately the spectre hit Raven and drained 2 levels.

We eventually beat up the two undead and exited the temple. We set up camp and used our restoration scroll to restore Ravens levels.

Fane death
Moving from the inner fane in deeper

We find ourselves in the temple of all consumption, Inner fane. The first orb is destroyed. The second orb is in the center of this fane.

We ask pendrake, the rescued paladin, to detect evil but, he didn’t detect any. Lady eliga took the boots of levitation.

Isla decided to have to discuss the talisman. He didn’t believe he had it anymore. However Asgaut discovered. that he did. Isla then tried to throw it away but it kept teleporting back to him. Asgaut tried to dispel that effect but, it didn’t work. The barbarians tried to attack it but, that was ineffective. Isla cast identify and the talisman told him he was not worthy and teleported away.

We rested and contineued on. We moved to the trap rune and Isla fireballed the nasty purple tentacles. We then found a room that was supernaturally cold. We found a set of secret levers in the room.. At the other end of the room down a hallway there was an alter to Therazdoon. eeek!

Lots of demon statures and other disturbing imagery. The alter eminated evil like a presennce. Smelled of death. bloodstains on alter. recent.

Isla decided to investigate the alter. In bear form he brushed against the alter and the room filled with demons. Unfortunately, one of the demons was a pit fiend. Battle ensued.

Isla got paralyzed with poison and then killed. Permanently….? Maybe?

We eventually beat up the demons. Where the alter was there was now a purple misty gateway that was very evil.

Heading further in the Evil Temple
Banjo Music?

We rested and moved on.

We entered a Great Hall that had banners hanning from the walls. The inverted pyrimid of Therazdoon was shown. He is a chaotic evil elder god.

Door to the left was a kitchen. Door to the North led to another large room with vaulted cieling. Dias in the middle with bronze statues (6). Pr

Prill entered to investigate. Prill continues on and investigates the doors. Prill begins to smell and hear some beasties. We saw a priest come out of a door on the left in the next room. He didn’t notice us.

We later entered the room the priest came from. Found a 30×30 room. Prill went on to explore while we remained in the room. We found a chest and Isla set off a sonic trap with a knock spell. Four giant lions came out of a nearby room but didn’t detect us.

The enemy priest comes runnting and Raven attacks him with his bow. Isla was looking in the chest and found some scrolls, a bag of coins, and…

Barichan we managed to capture and we interrogated him. He is second in command of the outer fane. He says that the inner fane is rule by Doomdreamers who want to release Therazdoon. They think that they will lrule the world. However, Therazdoon has decieved them. He means to destroy the world.

They need one of three items to release Therazdoon which they have. They need to find the elemental nodes, one for each elemental. They have uncovered one ofthe four nodes.

Barichan suggest that if were to find the orbs and destroy or hide them that would prevent the release.

He says you have to pass through a series of challanges to gain entrace to the inner fane.

He says that the commander of this fane is Hadrak. Hadrak is till of firm believer.

THere are some prisoners that we might want to free.

The inner fane is ruled by the triad. 3 most powerful Doomdreamers.

he gives us the lion commands in troglydite to keep from being commands-

He offers to let us keep the scroll of raise dead, heal, and restoration..

We move on the rescue nearby prisoners.

There is a room with 5 ogres that we needed to take out. Isla started things with a fireball.

Skeal charges in and evicerates the first two ogres. Storm kills the next one and critted the 4th one and it died spewing blood. Raven moved in for mop up duty and damaged but did not kill the last ogre. It was finished off in the next round.
(It missed Skeal fortunately).

We find 3 chests. Prill comes out of hiding and unlocks them. We find clothing (retro). and a chest that detected magic. Prill opened it

Potion, talisman, boots.

Boots of levitation 532 lbs Talisman of Zagy.

Islastarted behaving strangly and didn’t want to give up the talisman. Prill started trying to grab the item and Asgaut tried to tackle him. Isla transformed into an owl and flew off. Telepathic communication was unalbe to resolve the situation.

We moved on the the area with the prisoners. There were more ogre guards that we beat up.

We then released the prisoners. Skeal found a cousin of his. The prisoners were all being drained of life. They look and are much older than they should be. there is a magical machine that drains life in a nearby room.

Also an elven mage/thief and a human paladin of Laranie.

There stuff should be nearby.

Wrap up for the day. Isla is following us.

Return to the center of the temple
going back into the evil temple

The party, after a difficult pitched melee found a master key to the center temple. After training with Rowan, we returned to the ToEE. We encountered a Ghost and a Spectre. The ghost feared and aged 3 party members However, the next round Asgaut turned the evil creatures. Skeal and storm beat up the spectre before it could flee and Skeal’s sword sucked the essence of the spectre away. The ghost dissappeared.

Later we found a large door. Asgaut used the master key to open the (fire) door. We found a large room with lots of fires in braziers. A large fire elemental appeared in teh center of the room and each brazier produced a smaller elemental creature.

Isla killed a number of the creatures with an ice storm and the party beat up on the rest of the firey foes.

Afterwards, Prill found an illusionalry wall. We proceeded on through it.

We encountered what appeared to be slaves cleaning.

Prill then found a room with sounds. We approached it and tasha opened the door and tossed a silenced coin in th ebedroom. There were two drow in there. They cast darkness and the male drow wizard managed to ddor away. Prill opened a nearby door and found a devil!

We eventually beat up the devil and the drow. and set up camp.

Going deeper still
Still in the Temple of Evil

We rested and prepared to continue.

prilll picked the lock of the firs door and then listened and heard noises in some fo the nearby chamers.

We decided to attack the nearest room.

Prill missed his backstab attempt but storm rush in a killed a half orc wizard.

We found 3 spell books and a potion of spider climb and 5gp

We heard screaming in the next room and the barbararians broke down the door and found a troll wearing armor. There also was a female halfling chained to the wall.

Some sort of demon heard the troll scream and stepped into the room and attacked Asgaut.

We took some damage but eveentually beat up the enemies.

Both enemies were wearing a stylized star evil symbol. It was bright red. The troll had a tattow of the symbol.

Prill found an ornate pouch. It was a bag of holding. 14 gp were in it.

Prill unlocked one of the books found earlier and set off the explosive runes.. It was a wizards spellbook for a 6th level wizard.

Descritad halfing thief was captured trying to pilfer from the evil guards. She came in through a nearby entrance different from ours. The complex, she says, has multiple temples. The center of the complex has a lake and an island where the important stuff happens. The closest temple is the temple of air with the temple of fire further on. She tried to sneak about but saw ghosts and other nasty creatures. These enemies were from the temple of fire.

Raven took the trolls armor.

Prill took the gauntlets of ogre power. Raven took the great sword +1.

We healed up and also healed the halfling thiief and sent her on the path to the exit.

Isla read the journel and found a description. We need a key or a blessing from each temple to get in the the center area. The book mention the cult of therizdoon. He’s an evil god that is a god of death. His goal is the destruction of society. He was imprisoned by other gods because he was a danger to the world. 25 years ago a cult rose that wants to release him. The rumor is that the gateway to him is in the center area.

Right now the temple of fire is in control with the other temples vying for leadership.

At the first bridge we could see apparitions patrolling it.

Continuing on Prill searched the door and found a trap and removed it. It was an alarm bell trip wire.

He found a room with a war wagon and signs of gnolls we prepared to fight.

We made short work of the gnolls and found 10 sp.

Asgaut found a sliding wall that opened to a dwarf made passageway.

Asgaut found a font room and took some time to make some holy water.

We continued to a set of doors ornate. Prill unlocked them and we found

Sweldre’s justice named weapon. was given to asgaut in the room. Sweldre is a demigod of siem.

hammer 2d4 vs small/med

+3 vs normal/ +5 vs evil undead on nat 20 does 3d6 damage to all enemies with in 15ft. and heals party for same amount. Functions like a dwarven throwing hammer. Only works for a dwarven cleric.

Going deeper
In the Temple

We continued deeper. We encountered a pit, about 50’ deep. The ore cart tracks. Storm fell off the bridge and discovered the pit had some undead in it. She turned into an eagle and escaped. We jumped in a nearby ore cart and a barbarian started pushing.

Prill ocntinued to scout ahead. He found a large room ahead of us. Smooth stone floor. That had a large lizard A dragon. After a round round or two it woke up. Prill ran the other direction to flank it. However, he ran smack into the lair of another creature. a displacer beast.

The fighters charged the dragon and Isla and Asgaut ran after Prill to lend a hand. Isla’s lions and Asgaut displatched the displacer beast and ran back to the dragon. Eventually, Storm finished off the dragon and we looted the rooms. Isla found a secret compartment with an iron cauldran filled with gems and coin with a floating pyramid.

980 gp 300 gp, 21 gems of 100 gp each. small coiled serpant stature worth 200 gp. dagger. scroll.

Asgaut saves some green dragon scales to add to his supply of blue dragon scales.

We rested and moved on.

Prill finds a room and couldn’t resist. He managed to set of the trap but, avoided being crushed by the ceiline that collapsed.

We moved foward and there was a large cave ahead. Prill moved ahead to scout. It was fill with fungus and other stuff. In a small cave off to the side.

Prill lit a flask of oil on the fungus and the shrieker sheaked and some other mushrooms emitted spores which instantly burned up. There was a suit of armor in the ashes. We grabbed it and moved on.

We found stairs down on the right and the passage continued on the left.

Pril scouted the stairs. He found a large rotting corpse. A large crtter not seen before 8 ft tall 5 ft wide with mandibles.

Then another one came through the cave behind us. We attacked but its eyes began to confuse the party.

Asgaut got one attack in but later retreated and raven stepped in and chopped its head off.

180 gp in its lair. Asgaut saved the umberhulk eyes.

Prill again scouted ahead. He found another room with trolls in it.

Isla started the fight with a fireball and we rushed in behind to beat up the trolls.

Raven fumbled and knocked himself out. Skeal’s sword sucked the soul out of one of the foes. We beat up the last troll and


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