The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Going deeper still
Still in the Temple of Evil

We rested and prepared to continue.

prilll picked the lock of the firs door and then listened and heard noises in some fo the nearby chamers.

We decided to attack the nearest room.

Prill missed his backstab attempt but storm rush in a killed a half orc wizard.

We found 3 spell books and a potion of spider climb and 5gp

We heard screaming in the next room and the barbararians broke down the door and found a troll wearing armor. There also was a female halfling chained to the wall.

Some sort of demon heard the troll scream and stepped into the room and attacked Asgaut.

We took some damage but eveentually beat up the enemies.

Both enemies were wearing a stylized star evil symbol. It was bright red. The troll had a tattow of the symbol.

Prill found an ornate pouch. It was a bag of holding. 14 gp were in it.

Prill unlocked one of the books found earlier and set off the explosive runes.. It was a wizards spellbook for a 6th level wizard.

Descritad halfing thief was captured trying to pilfer from the evil guards. She came in through a nearby entrance different from ours. The complex, she says, has multiple temples. The center of the complex has a lake and an island where the important stuff happens. The closest temple is the temple of air with the temple of fire further on. She tried to sneak about but saw ghosts and other nasty creatures. These enemies were from the temple of fire.

Raven took the trolls armor.

Prill took the gauntlets of ogre power. Raven took the great sword +1.

We healed up and also healed the halfling thiief and sent her on the path to the exit.

Isla read the journel and found a description. We need a key or a blessing from each temple to get in the the center area. The book mention the cult of therizdoon. He’s an evil god that is a god of death. His goal is the destruction of society. He was imprisoned by other gods because he was a danger to the world. 25 years ago a cult rose that wants to release him. The rumor is that the gateway to him is in the center area.

Right now the temple of fire is in control with the other temples vying for leadership.

At the first bridge we could see apparitions patrolling it.

Continuing on Prill searched the door and found a trap and removed it. It was an alarm bell trip wire.

He found a room with a war wagon and signs of gnolls we prepared to fight.

We made short work of the gnolls and found 10 sp.

Asgaut found a sliding wall that opened to a dwarf made passageway.

Asgaut found a font room and took some time to make some holy water.

We continued to a set of doors ornate. Prill unlocked them and we found

Sweldre’s justice named weapon. was given to asgaut in the room. Sweldre is a demigod of siem.

hammer 2d4 vs small/med

+3 vs normal/ +5 vs evil undead on nat 20 does 3d6 damage to all enemies with in 15ft. and heals party for same amount. Functions like a dwarven throwing hammer. Only works for a dwarven cleric.

Going deeper
In the Temple

We continued deeper. We encountered a pit, about 50’ deep. The ore cart tracks. Storm fell off the bridge and discovered the pit had some undead in it. She turned into an eagle and escaped. We jumped in a nearby ore cart and a barbarian started pushing.

Prill ocntinued to scout ahead. He found a large room ahead of us. Smooth stone floor. That had a large lizard A dragon. After a round round or two it woke up. Prill ran the other direction to flank it. However, he ran smack into the lair of another creature. a displacer beast.

The fighters charged the dragon and Isla and Asgaut ran after Prill to lend a hand. Isla’s lions and Asgaut displatched the displacer beast and ran back to the dragon. Eventually, Storm finished off the dragon and we looted the rooms. Isla found a secret compartment with an iron cauldran filled with gems and coin with a floating pyramid.

980 gp 300 gp, 21 gems of 100 gp each. small coiled serpant stature worth 200 gp. dagger. scroll.

Asgaut saves some green dragon scales to add to his supply of blue dragon scales.

We rested and moved on.

Prill finds a room and couldn’t resist. He managed to set of the trap but, avoided being crushed by the ceiline that collapsed.

We moved foward and there was a large cave ahead. Prill moved ahead to scout. It was fill with fungus and other stuff. In a small cave off to the side.

Prill lit a flask of oil on the fungus and the shrieker sheaked and some other mushrooms emitted spores which instantly burned up. There was a suit of armor in the ashes. We grabbed it and moved on.

We found stairs down on the right and the passage continued on the left.

Pril scouted the stairs. He found a large rotting corpse. A large crtter not seen before 8 ft tall 5 ft wide with mandibles.

Then another one came through the cave behind us. We attacked but its eyes began to confuse the party.

Asgaut got one attack in but later retreated and raven stepped in and chopped its head off.

180 gp in its lair. Asgaut saved the umberhulk eyes.

Prill again scouted ahead. He found another room with trolls in it.

Isla started the fight with a fireball and we rushed in behind to beat up the trolls.

Raven fumbled and knocked himself out. Skeal’s sword sucked the soul out of one of the foes. We beat up the last troll and

On to the the Temple of evil
Elemental Style

After doing some serious magic; item shopping we journeyed to the evil temple. Prill did some initial scouting and he found some hobgoblns. We moved in to attack. We beat up on the hobgoblins and then some gnollls from the barracks attacked. We beat up on them and contineued deeper into the structure.

We moved along and selected a passage going down. Prill scouted ahead and was chased back up the passage by a flaming hot worm … ???

After defeating the foes we moved down the passage towards a room with a gnoll stature.

A basilsk attack us and we fought it while avoiding its lethel gaze.

Eventually we kill the lizard and saved the eyes and some scales.

Moving on to next adventure
back to town

Zoda offered to make two shields with our dragon swords.

Raven gained a 20% electrical resistance shield.

Storm gained a +1 shield with 25^ electrical resistance.

Evenyone who needed to trained and we collected 40g in wages.

After the week Zoda gathered us together for a talk.

Courriers from the nearby temple were sent out with word that they found a map from the evil outpost to the main temple.

The temple of perimediadius is affilitated with agrik.

We need to grab our gear and catch up with the couriers who are on horseback.

WE took off on spreed enchanced horses on the south east road.

We made camp after dark. isla flew off as an owl and spotted the enemy camp 15 minutes away at owl speed.

While isla continued to scout we moved in the direction of the camp. We took position behind a nearby hill/rock. Prill snuck towards the camp and waited for the foes to fall asleep. Isla returned to the party.

Prill moved in when the camp was as quiet as possible. after much searching prill hid in a tree and waited for the shift change. After an hour after the shift change prill emerged to continue his search. Eventually, he found a jade figurine of a mountain lion…but no map.

After consulting my diety for inspiration we decided to attack the camp to subdue. After a brief battle we captured the 5 foes and questioned one of them.

They didn’t have the map.

We took a magic mace a dagger in addition to the jade lion.

We headed back the to the town.

We were attacked by two stone giants. after beating them up and found 81 gp.

Zoda told us that we needed to go back to the temple outpost and search it for the map.

Ready to go deeper
It's still cold in here

During the night we all had strange dreams.

Asgaut dreamed of a battle with purple tentacles and being rescued by Siem.

Isla dreamed that he survived a fight on a lower level. Then he senses a strong magical source and discovers and opening to a bridge. On the other side of the bridge there is a large ornate door. Great power lies past the door.

Prill dreamed that he was pulled into the dark rock by purple tentacles and woke up covered in frost.

The two barbarians and lady elaida all had a similar dream. There was a strange primordial word. Primitive and volcanic. An enormous wagon was being drawn by many many slaves of all types. There is a dark entity in the wagon. The sound is quite unsettling and bizarre.

In the morning, Prill descended via rope. However, he heard undead and scampered back up. Eventually we repelled down and prepared for battle.

Asgaut turned all four undead and Isla turned two of them into a different corner.

We beat up the ghoul and ghast. after finding a secret sliding wall.

We moved to attack the bloated looking undead but most of the party succumbed to the poison emanations of the creatures. It wore off and …. again the poison effected us. At this point the enemies were no longer turned and they attacked.

The creatures possessed a sort of energy drain effect that affected Storm. Eventually Raven beheaded one of the bloated fiends and we rushed to beat up the other one.

We found 10gp

Prill managed to open the sliding wall secret door.

There was a 30 ft bridge across a chasm and a large door on the other side. There were four levers, all down.

There were traps on the door and a pit trap in front of the door. Eventually Prill Raven and Isla managed to solve the lever puzzle and open the door.

There was a large very magical 2h sword… very ancient and possibly related to the fighter’s dreams. There was sound of chains that they recognized when the sword first came into sight.

Storms sword emitted a small bolt of lighting (in greeting) to the other sword.

Isla grabbed the sword and gave it to Skeal.

It introduced itself to skeal as dragnipur. 3/5 vs extra planar. Dragnipur was ancient …beyond time. Creatures slain are enslaved forever with no hope of resurrection.

We returned to town.

Getting cold in here
continuing into the temple

We managed to catch the fleeing cleric who appeared to commit suicide. After he crumpled to the ground, the heat began to be sucked out of the room. Asgaut managed to dispell the effect including an ethereal version of the cleric that was forming.

Prill picked the door lock and began to explore beyond. He found gnolls that were sleeping. Prill suspected another passage so we searched for secret doors and Isla found one.

Prill explored the room beyond but there wasn’t much there. We then decided to attack the gnolls.

We quickly dispatched the gnolls although one of them hit raven. There were 12gp on the gnolls.

Prill opened the next two doors. the next big room was filled with enemies. Asgaut turned a ghoul and Ghast. Ant the rest of the party moved in to engage.

We managed to defeat the remaining trog and gnolls without too much trouble.

We found 12 sp.

There was a pool of water and a pit with a rope and pulley over it. Prill climbed down the rope.

The room was cool and the shaft became much colder as prill continued lower.

We found ourselves at the bottom. It was very cold. Supernaturally so.

We decided to rest before continuing.

Keeping it real
Into the keep

The party joined Asgaut in the courtyard and begain to explore. Prill looked in the front door and got blasted with blue dragon breath. After a furious battle with the dragon we took it down just as it tried to flee.

Raven and Asgaut recovered 12 dragon scales along with skeal and storm. Asgaut found a small bag of gems:

23 50gp gems.

We continued deeper into the keep.

Prill crept down the stairs and informed us that there were enemies lying in wait for us.

There were two gnolls which were quickly dispatched. A ghast approached but, fled in fear of Asguat’s divine holy symbol. Unfortunately it let out a screech.

3 more ghouls arrived but Isla called upon his divine power to turn them from us. We subsequently entered the room where the 1st ghast fled and beat it up.

In the mean time Prill explored the nearby prison cells and listened at a nearby door down the hallway. He heard gnolls ibehind the door.

eventually the gnolls grew suspician and sounded an alarm (horn). We rushed into the bunk room and attacked. These gnolls were tougher. But we still beat them up handily.

Next some wraith and other nasty undead appeared. a ghast attacked Storm and Asgaut who both succumbed to the paralyzation effect.

Luckily we beat up the wraith before it could drain any levels from anyone.

An evil cleric showed up but, turned to flee as we began to gain the upper hand vs. the foes.

We did some damage to him but he continued to flee.

In Zudeh
Moving on to the next thing

Zodeh offered to help the barbarians destroy the evil armor.

Raven struck the armor and freed an evil soul from the armor.

Outside there was a huge explosion and we rushed outside. It was raining magic items.

Isla found a robe and a book. Asguat found 29 50 gp gems. Raven found platemail, skeel found a sword of sharpness, patty found 89 gp. The robe was a robe of blending and went to our rogue.

The magic items and explosion came from a nearby keep of a mage.

We headed out to a destroyed mage tower. There were cavorting flaming devils and the barbarians engaged with missle weapons. eventually we defeated the devilish beasties adnd approached the tower.

Prill unlocked the door and moved away. Agaut tried to open the door and set of a magical trap.

after some discusson we decided that the center of the distengration of effect was on level 3. Next morning Zodeh informed us that the archmage was experimenting with an artifact some that was returned from the temple of elemental evil. some sor to fgoldern orb.

Several high level clerics were with the archmage who are missing.

Zodeh tells us that the duke wants his magic items back and we need to leave town or lose any items we can prove are ours. So we leave.

Next day we are walking through the woods and we are attacked two flying creatures. Manticores.. we killled them.

We reached a small ruined keep. The upper level appears collapsed and chared. the ground floor mostly intact.

After the battle we continue
licking our wounds

Last time a pitched battle occurred vs 2 antipalidins and two large reptiles at the mouth of a cave.

Prill found a font of a precious gem but it was too large to steal.

After the creatures were slain there were two suits of armor and a 2h sword. long sword magical, ring +1 ring of protection.

The evil party was prevented from collecting earthroot which is a substance that we are trying to obtain for Duma the forrestal.

We set up camp and rested inside the cave.

Next morning we waited for the earthroot to appear in the font.

The two barbarians set up watch outside the cave and the rest of us went to the font room.

a large party of temple of elemental evil followers approached and the barbarians attacked. After a couple of rounds of bow attacks they fell back into the cave and alerted the rest of the party.

eventually we defeated these foes.

found 99 gp 1 bastard sword that glowed with magic. 1 shield magical.

We went back to the font and eventually the earthroot liquid began to bubble up from the font. Skeal filled a water skin but, it actually regenerated the sheep from which it was made.

The font was producing the blood of peoni essentially. each taste, once only, granted a wish. Unfortunately Tasha’s wish backfired and she exploded… EEEEK!

Raven can now polymorph 1/day into a hawk
Isla can now polymorph into a great horned owl
Raven become stronger
Storm can polymorph into an eagle
Asquat became wiser.

We returned to Duma but he was dead. However Siem was pleased with our effort. Eventually we made it to Zedun and found zudan.

More Loot needed... lets get it
Continuing to zuden

We continue our march…

A couple of days pass and we encounter a more organized band of enemies.

They were wearing symbols that Tasha recognized as from the temple of elemental evil.

The enemy party proved formidable but the party steadily whittled them down

An Anti paladin proved particularly troublesome and laid the barbarian out. However, Asguat managed to crit a healing spell and brought him back to full health.

+2 Axe, +1 mace, +2 plate mail. 100gp.

Tasha liked the plate. Asgaut takes the axe. Isla takes the mace.


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