The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

In the realm of Orbaal
The beginning

Doughty cleric Asgaut Hvalman is joined by
Prill a halfling thief
Tasha elven fighter
Skeal Human barbarian
Raven blood eye human barbarian
Cyphon half elven fighter mage
i’Isla elven cleric mage
Storm nightwalker half elf ranger

We are starting in the realm Orbaal. We are near the village of Dragonstone.

We have a local friend who wants to capture his future bride. Horst has asked for our help to liberate his bride from the neighboring village. It’s tradition…

We split up 4 by land and 4 by boat.

The land group arrived in the village and after some misadventures we managed to distract the cook in th inn and make off with a cask of beer.

The second group arrived in town and Horst led them to Rebecca’s house. After a sleep spell Prill snuck in the dwelling and found the girl. Tasha picked up the girl and carted her out of the house.

Four of us went looking for a goat while the rest made off with the girl on the boat. We encountered the town guard patrol and they attacked us. We looked suspicious apparently. We knocked them all down but the captain knocked me unconscious.

The barbarians bandaged me and the grace of Siem had me up and going in no time.
We found a goat and grabbed it and headed back to home.

On the way back we fought and killed a hungry lynx.

I offered to perform the wedding ceremony for Rebecca and Horst. A fine reception with goat ale and lynx meet was had.

Later the chief Karsten tells us that sheep and other farm animals are disappearing at an alarming rate. He wanted us to investigate. foothills to the west of the village ana hour to hour and half.

We traveled to the area and investigated a scene where a sheep had been killed. We found goblin and orc tracks. We followed the goblin tracks. We found a cave by following the tacks and send in the thief.

Prill fumbled his backstab but the barbarians and the dwarf pelted him with missile weapons. Prill snuck in and found 6 more goblins in the cave.

To be continued…


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