The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Temple ... More temples

Moving on the the next evil temple

Isla decided to teleport to Rowan and give the evil orb to him. This took two days and the rest of us enjoyed the fare that the barbarians hunted.

We began to travel and eventually saw a stone giant. The giant was returning to its lair. The recovered temple. Prill investigated and snuck into the lair. He telepathically called us forward and we prepared to attack.

We opened the door and attacked. The stone giant was quickly beat up but, it pulled an alarm lever. The resulting horde of undead ghouls were turned by isla and asgaut. We quickly beat up the remaining two ogres and asgaut healed the damaged fighter.

We next opened the large ornate doors in the room. The next room was filled with enemies and an evil alter.

We closed the door but a giant carrying bags of rocks opened the door. We was confused for a moment but alerted his companions after we attacked.

The first giants were quickly dispatched but then tougher foes moved in. Isla cast chain lightning to good effect and the elementals that were protecting what turned out to be an aboleth separated from it and attacked. The big nasty then cast a fireball which affected all of us.

Furios battle ensued with a number of elementals, ogres and giants. We made steady progress knocking them down but, Some of the party was getting low on health but the battle continued.

Isla put up a wall of darkness but the aboleth was large enough to see over it when it moved up. Eventually we beat down the aboleth with prill getting the killing blow.

After casting healing we rested.



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