The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Return to the center of the temple

going back into the evil temple

The party, after a difficult pitched melee found a master key to the center temple. After training with Rowan, we returned to the ToEE. We encountered a Ghost and a Spectre. The ghost feared and aged 3 party members However, the next round Asgaut turned the evil creatures. Skeal and storm beat up the spectre before it could flee and Skeal’s sword sucked the essence of the spectre away. The ghost dissappeared.

Later we found a large door. Asgaut used the master key to open the (fire) door. We found a large room with lots of fires in braziers. A large fire elemental appeared in teh center of the room and each brazier produced a smaller elemental creature.

Isla killed a number of the creatures with an ice storm and the party beat up on the rest of the firey foes.

Afterwards, Prill found an illusionalry wall. We proceeded on through it.

We encountered what appeared to be slaves cleaning.

Prill then found a room with sounds. We approached it and tasha opened the door and tossed a silenced coin in th ebedroom. There were two drow in there. They cast darkness and the male drow wizard managed to ddor away. Prill opened a nearby door and found a devil!

We eventually beat up the devil and the drow. and set up camp.



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