The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Out of the fire... scratch that... into the fire.

Off to the fire node

We followed the pattern and entered the fire node. There was an array of enemies that were ready for us…
Red Dragon, Efreet, Marilith, two hell hounds and what turned out to be a medusa.

A furious battle ensued. Skeal engaged the medusa and covered his head to avoid the gaze. Prill manuvered into position and back stabbed the foe and took it down. The Marilith attacked Asgaut and Storm and elaida took down the dragon. The two hell hounds were quickly dispatched and the group descended on the Marilith and beat it up. Asgaut survived with some timely healing from I’sla.

Prill recovered the orb of oblivian from the gorgan. It can detect good/evil at will. discern lies. cause fear, 1/day cause insanity. It probably has other powers. Skeal felt that it emanated death at him during the fight.

Asguat negotiated with the Efreet which was subdued thanks to isla and recieved a wish that resulted in a gem that when crushed would go back in time one round.

Prill opened the next door which was huge. Prill had assumed the form of the medusa. There were fire elementals in the room plus the evil god IMIX . Prill started to wander in towards the god.

The elementals ignored him but the god noticed and started to draw his weapon. He was huge. Gargantuin.

Prill called for help telepathically and we rush in. Raven flew in and used a mace to smite the god with the wrath of sarijin. Skeal charged in and started melee with fire elementals.

IMIX moved in and smacked Prill and did heavy damage. Prill tried to use the orb to suck out the soul of IMIX but the Orb refused. uh oh…

Raven went beszerk and attacked the god did some damage. Asguat ran in to try to help Prill but, it hit him again and things looked grim for Prill. Isla zapped him with lightning. We gradually beat up the elementals and more of the party moved in to attack the demigod. Asgaut supplied a steady stream of heal spells to Prill until he got a round of respite and re-engaged with enough hit points.

Eventually, we did enough damage to get it close to death and Asgaut realized that Skeal and his sword had to kill the god. AND HE DID. Much rejoicing… we grabbed the god’s sword and left. WE SAVED the world.



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