The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

In the meantime...

Loot from Aboleth

After the latest battle, the party secured the perimeter, healed up, searched the bodies, identified magic trinkets, rested, speed read ancient tomes and the private diary of DOOMDREAMER #3, researched, prayed, etc, etc, etc.

SO, when we resume, all PCs are fully healed, have recovered their spells, and realized or acquired the following:

A Ring of Fire Resistance, (6) potions of Fire Resistance (duration 1 Turn each), a +2 Mace (in Raven’s possession), (8) potions of Water Breathing (1 hour), (10) potions of Flying, a Necklace of Adaptation, (6) +3 arrows and 2 sets of mirrored goggles which look like air-tight swim googles—most of this is found neatly stacked on a large compartment in the altar.

You also find an ancient book detailing the efforts of the Cult to release Tharizdun. While some of the entries are recent, most are ancient. This plot has been ongoing for ages but it is closer to completion now than ever before. The evil IMIX, Lord of Fire, has already been summoned to the Fire Node. She Who Must be Obeyed, Princess of the Watery Depths, either has recently been or is about to be summoned to the Water Node as well. When all 4 Elemental Lords have been summoned, Harn is doomed!

Only our heroes stand between Harn and the Forces of Darkness!!!



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