The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Heading further in the Evil Temple

Banjo Music?

We rested and moved on.

We entered a Great Hall that had banners hanning from the walls. The inverted pyrimid of Therazdoon was shown. He is a chaotic evil elder god.

Door to the left was a kitchen. Door to the North led to another large room with vaulted cieling. Dias in the middle with bronze statues (6). Pr

Prill entered to investigate. Prill continues on and investigates the doors. Prill begins to smell and hear some beasties. We saw a priest come out of a door on the left in the next room. He didn’t notice us.

We later entered the room the priest came from. Found a 30×30 room. Prill went on to explore while we remained in the room. We found a chest and Isla set off a sonic trap with a knock spell. Four giant lions came out of a nearby room but didn’t detect us.

The enemy priest comes runnting and Raven attacks him with his bow. Isla was looking in the chest and found some scrolls, a bag of coins, and…

Barichan we managed to capture and we interrogated him. He is second in command of the outer fane. He says that the inner fane is rule by Doomdreamers who want to release Therazdoon. They think that they will lrule the world. However, Therazdoon has decieved them. He means to destroy the world.

They need one of three items to release Therazdoon which they have. They need to find the elemental nodes, one for each elemental. They have uncovered one ofthe four nodes.

Barichan suggest that if were to find the orbs and destroy or hide them that would prevent the release.

He says you have to pass through a series of challanges to gain entrace to the inner fane.

He says that the commander of this fane is Hadrak. Hadrak is till of firm believer.

THere are some prisoners that we might want to free.

The inner fane is ruled by the triad. 3 most powerful Doomdreamers.

he gives us the lion commands in troglydite to keep from being commands-

He offers to let us keep the scroll of raise dead, heal, and restoration..

We move on the rescue nearby prisoners.

There is a room with 5 ogres that we needed to take out. Isla started things with a fireball.

Skeal charges in and evicerates the first two ogres. Storm kills the next one and critted the 4th one and it died spewing blood. Raven moved in for mop up duty and damaged but did not kill the last ogre. It was finished off in the next round.
(It missed Skeal fortunately).

We find 3 chests. Prill comes out of hiding and unlocks them. We find clothing (retro). and a chest that detected magic. Prill opened it

Potion, talisman, boots.

Boots of levitation 532 lbs Talisman of Zagy.

Islastarted behaving strangly and didn’t want to give up the talisman. Prill started trying to grab the item and Asgaut tried to tackle him. Isla transformed into an owl and flew off. Telepathic communication was unalbe to resolve the situation.

We moved on the the area with the prisoners. There were more ogre guards that we beat up.

We then released the prisoners. Skeal found a cousin of his. The prisoners were all being drained of life. They look and are much older than they should be. there is a magical machine that drains life in a nearby room.

Also an elven mage/thief and a human paladin of Laranie.

There stuff should be nearby.

Wrap up for the day. Isla is following us.



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