The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Going deeper still

Still in the Temple of Evil

We rested and prepared to continue.

prilll picked the lock of the firs door and then listened and heard noises in some fo the nearby chamers.

We decided to attack the nearest room.

Prill missed his backstab attempt but storm rush in a killed a half orc wizard.

We found 3 spell books and a potion of spider climb and 5gp

We heard screaming in the next room and the barbararians broke down the door and found a troll wearing armor. There also was a female halfling chained to the wall.

Some sort of demon heard the troll scream and stepped into the room and attacked Asgaut.

We took some damage but eveentually beat up the enemies.

Both enemies were wearing a stylized star evil symbol. It was bright red. The troll had a tattow of the symbol.

Prill found an ornate pouch. It was a bag of holding. 14 gp were in it.

Prill unlocked one of the books found earlier and set off the explosive runes.. It was a wizards spellbook for a 6th level wizard.

Descritad halfing thief was captured trying to pilfer from the evil guards. She came in through a nearby entrance different from ours. The complex, she says, has multiple temples. The center of the complex has a lake and an island where the important stuff happens. The closest temple is the temple of air with the temple of fire further on. She tried to sneak about but saw ghosts and other nasty creatures. These enemies were from the temple of fire.

Raven took the trolls armor.

Prill took the gauntlets of ogre power. Raven took the great sword +1.

We healed up and also healed the halfling thiief and sent her on the path to the exit.

Isla read the journel and found a description. We need a key or a blessing from each temple to get in the the center area. The book mention the cult of therizdoon. He’s an evil god that is a god of death. His goal is the destruction of society. He was imprisoned by other gods because he was a danger to the world. 25 years ago a cult rose that wants to release him. The rumor is that the gateway to him is in the center area.

Right now the temple of fire is in control with the other temples vying for leadership.

At the first bridge we could see apparitions patrolling it.

Continuing on Prill searched the door and found a trap and removed it. It was an alarm bell trip wire.

He found a room with a war wagon and signs of gnolls we prepared to fight.

We made short work of the gnolls and found 10 sp.

Asgaut found a sliding wall that opened to a dwarf made passageway.

Asgaut found a font room and took some time to make some holy water.

We continued to a set of doors ornate. Prill unlocked them and we found

Sweldre’s justice named weapon. was given to asgaut in the room. Sweldre is a demigod of siem.

hammer 2d4 vs small/med

+3 vs normal/ +5 vs evil undead on nat 20 does 3d6 damage to all enemies with in 15ft. and heals party for same amount. Functions like a dwarven throwing hammer. Only works for a dwarven cleric.



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