The Adventures of the Order of the Dragon

Going deeper

In the Temple

We continued deeper. We encountered a pit, about 50’ deep. The ore cart tracks. Storm fell off the bridge and discovered the pit had some undead in it. She turned into an eagle and escaped. We jumped in a nearby ore cart and a barbarian started pushing.

Prill ocntinued to scout ahead. He found a large room ahead of us. Smooth stone floor. That had a large lizard A dragon. After a round round or two it woke up. Prill ran the other direction to flank it. However, he ran smack into the lair of another creature. a displacer beast.

The fighters charged the dragon and Isla and Asgaut ran after Prill to lend a hand. Isla’s lions and Asgaut displatched the displacer beast and ran back to the dragon. Eventually, Storm finished off the dragon and we looted the rooms. Isla found a secret compartment with an iron cauldran filled with gems and coin with a floating pyramid.

980 gp 300 gp, 21 gems of 100 gp each. small coiled serpant stature worth 200 gp. dagger. scroll.

Asgaut saves some green dragon scales to add to his supply of blue dragon scales.

We rested and moved on.

Prill finds a room and couldn’t resist. He managed to set of the trap but, avoided being crushed by the ceiline that collapsed.

We moved foward and there was a large cave ahead. Prill moved ahead to scout. It was fill with fungus and other stuff. In a small cave off to the side.

Prill lit a flask of oil on the fungus and the shrieker sheaked and some other mushrooms emitted spores which instantly burned up. There was a suit of armor in the ashes. We grabbed it and moved on.

We found stairs down on the right and the passage continued on the left.

Pril scouted the stairs. He found a large rotting corpse. A large crtter not seen before 8 ft tall 5 ft wide with mandibles.

Then another one came through the cave behind us. We attacked but its eyes began to confuse the party.

Asgaut got one attack in but later retreated and raven stepped in and chopped its head off.

180 gp in its lair. Asgaut saved the umberhulk eyes.

Prill again scouted ahead. He found another room with trolls in it.

Isla started the fight with a fireball and we rushed in behind to beat up the trolls.

Raven fumbled and knocked himself out. Skeal’s sword sucked the soul out of one of the foes. We beat up the last troll and



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